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Not all explainer videos are created equally. The key to producing a successful explainer video is a mix of process and experience. The Mazur Studios team has produced over 200 videos for companies around the world spanning 5 years and includes dozens of industries. Our experienced team of business specialists and production staff work closely together to produce unique incredible content for each client.


What does this mean? It means that you can make unlimited revisions to your video until you love it and only then is the video complete. The following steps outline our production process to ensure that when your video is complete you love it.

Good explainer videos begin with the phone call interview
1. The Phone Call

The video script
2. The Script

3rd party voice talent
3. The Voice

The storyboard is your preview to the final product
4. The Storyboard

Only once you love the video... do we consider the project complete
5. The Video


Mazur Studios operates 24 hours a day and 6 days a week to ensure that your video is produced quickly while maintaining a diamond standard of explainer video production. From start to finish you can expect to have your video completed in only 4 weeks. All we ask is that you are timely with your response to our questions and inquiries. Your business is our focus for the entire production cycle.


Explainer videos provide a custom crafted message people will want to experience
Website & Social Media

Trade Shows

Email Signatures

Marketing Campaigns

Sales Process

Convert PDF to Video


The CEO of MetCredit publishes an online blog series and for each blog post the Mazur Studios team translates the written blog into a full length animated video. The video series educates the viewer and gives MetCredit an incredible boost to both its CEO and customer care initiatives.

The Mazur Studios team took in a vast quantity of bio-chemical oil & gas information and data from senior level chemical engineers and created an animated video series that was simple yet information. Each of the three videos produced for Verde Biochem was a challenge, the Mazur Studios team came through with a series of very detailed animated videos.

The Issuer Direct group required a series of videos to explain their continuously expanding range of products. Having already produced four videos last year, we are proud to announce another eight videos over the course of the next 18 months. Mazur Studios values the commitment and dedication of our value clients.

The General Manager of Cloudwick CDL, a leading edge Palo Alto based software company, had a vision for a video and the Mazur Studios team made that vision a reality. The video included a combination of 2D and 3D animations and stock video clips and gave a dramatic, yet informative look inside the new Cloudwick CDL online security platform.

The CEO of one of the world's most innovative space agencies trusts Mazur Studios with the production of their annual video presentation at the premier small satellite conference. Seen by thousands of rocket scientists, the video produced by Mazur Studios have been a hit at each show and have earned Mazur Studios an annual video production deal.

The California based software company,, needed an animated video as a post sale tool for education their customer base. Mazur Studios create two incredible animated explainer videos highlighting the product's functionality and the screen click process required to start using the software.

There have been multiple occasions the iDevices team needed a video under extremely short notice and intense conditions. One of these moments was the Mazur Studios team working 18 hours a day over the holidays to complete a 3D CAD animated video for iDevices. The team was struck with a hurricane and continued to work on raised tables in a flooded room powered by a diesel generator. The Mazur Studios team always delivers.

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